Monday, March 26, 2007

Muslims, I want your votes!

We're really working hard to reach out to Muslims early on in the campaign. Here's a photo of Nancy Pelosi and me working the crowd at a rally in Dearborn, Michigan over the weekend. We really cranked it up and got into it, saying stuff like, "Death to America! Death to Israel! We must put an end to the Zionist aggression!" Nancy can even do that Muslim lady yelp, where they go, "Ayayayayayayayayayayay!" She kept doing it in the plane afterward and we were all just cracking up. Hilarious. Then the reporter from al-Arabya got all snippy, so we had to cool it till he left the room. Then we started up again. God, Nancy is a blast. Too bad she's married.

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Anonymous said...

HRC, you and Pelosi running the country! What happened? Did I die and go to heaven?? Is there any chance you can get the little midget on the ticket as the Veep? All the U alumni would go all out to make this ticket a winner!
You go! Girl!