Friday, March 23, 2007

Tough question

So Jimmy Carville asked me last night, "What would you do if Bill found out he had incurable cancer?" My answer: "Bill who?" Ha! Do you get it? No really, if Bill had incurable cancer I'm sure I wouldn't just go celebrate right away. First I'd pray that it was testicular cancer so we could have his balls cut off. Then I'd hold some kind of pious press conference where I'd make him come out and say how he wanted me to stay in the race and how he wasn't going to let his cancer get in the way of my pursuing my dreams. Then I'd make sure he started really looking like shit in public, wasting away, and I'd have lots of photo opps of me taking care of him at home -- no wait, not lots of photo opps, but one really good one, like we'd give an exclusive to Vanity Fair or something and have it done really classy by Annie Liebovitz in black-and-white with me as Florence Nightingale and Bill as the dying Jesus. Yeah. I'd fucking milk it for all it was worth. Well done, Miss Edwards. First smart thing you've done on this campaign. You little bitch.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Wow, where have you been these past few weeks? Don't leave us like that again, campaign pressures or not. Testicular cancer... HA. Now THAT would be sweet bitchin' karma, sweetie.
Love to Carville. Hope you bring him back as the master that he is.

just another me said...

Now that's just plain cruel. Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna vote for you, but where would you be now, if it wasn't for Bill, ah? I bet not one step before the White House. And yes, I know that he deserves it, but still.. Well I hate to say it but, am I right or am I right on this?