Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Re these "terror" arrests in England

Look. I know everyone is scared. But before we go jumping to conclusions, I think we'd better stop and ask a few questions. First of all, why did these men turn to terrorism, if in fact that's what they did? Why are they so angry? What makes them so hateful? I think we all need to look inside ourselves and try to come up with a bigger answer on this one. For one thing, look at the way these people are forced to live. Just look at that house. Little tiny windows. Hard to imagine there's much sunshine inside there, eh? And this is England so you know it's raining most of the time. And those little cars. Who couuld be happy driving something like that? Just mean to say that before we go blaming people we should stop and think about what we could do to make them less angry. Like giving them better houses to live in. And affordable health care. That and abolishing the state of Israel, which I definitely will do if I'm elected. Bingo, like that, the terrorism stuff stops. So simple I can't believe the Monkey and his neo-con crew haven't figured it out. Dummies.

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