Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union, my ass

People ask me how I kept from screaming last night while listening to the Monkey ramble on about all his big ideas. Frankly I don't even know. Every time I listen to him I feel like I'm Charlton Heston, being held prisoner on the ape planet and listening to the fucking chimps go on about some big new plan. "Well, we got ourselves into a war with the monkeys, and now it's not going so well, so we're going to send in more apes." Yeah. Fucking brilliant. I just sat there trying to look expressionless. Luckily that comes pretty easily to me. All my life I've been surrounded by people with roughly half my IQ. Not easy but you learn to cope.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you. As far as I'm concerned the last two presidents were both monkeys. Bill was a brighter, more socially interactive monkey, but still a monkey. I thought for a time it might be better to have the more typical average monkey over there in the corner fingering his banana rather than the monkey that jumps up on the table and masturbates in front of your dinner guests, but I guess I was wrong. So yeah, I'll vote for you even though I'm technically libertarian and government spending annoys me...because I'd like a non-chimp in the White House too.