Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So D. was in town last night

Of course there was the usual bittersweet sadness about not being able to be together openly, but we are both big girls and we realize that reality is what reality is. And then also there is always the sweet girlish perfection of just spending time together, holding hands, cuddling, drinking hot cocoa and planning our future, with me in the White House and D. right by my side, though off behind a curtain or something. Big question for her is how we'll get her back to D.C. this time around. Obvious choice is Health and Human Services again. She'd like to move right now, right away, since the Dems are in power and she thinks we can get something done. Had to explain to her that this is not how things work. Be patient, my pet. My sweet little midget. My bonsai tree. That's what I told her. Then we giggled like schoolgirls and tumbled into bed in our flannel nightgowns and I fell asleep with her mustache nuzzling against the back of my neck. The thing about me and D. is, we just fit. You know? Everything is so relaxed, so perfect.

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donna shalala??