Sunday, February 25, 2007

Barack Obama is not black

Thank God people are finally starting to realize it. Started with this piece we paid Debra Dickerson to write in Salon. I mean, I know what black is, since I'm married to America's first black president. And anyone who's lived our experience as an interracial couple knows that Obama just ain't black. Put it this way. Did he grow up in the South? Does he like to overeat? Does he chase pussy? Is he unable to restrain himself when white women throw themselves at him? Does he speak in rhymes and grab his dick when he talks? Has he ever worn a satin track suit and gold chains? No. Barack grew up in Hawaii, appears to eat a healthy diet and remains monogamous. He wears well-made suits and went to friggin law school. Doesn't even know how to rap. Ergo, not black. And luckily the black voters of America are realizing that and turning on him. As they should.


Anonymous said...

HRC- Wow! Just Wow! You have said something I have been thinking about ever since this guy had the audacity to step onto what is YOUR time. How is this guy even black? Son of an educated African immigrant and a white mother, educated in the most exclusive private school in Hawaii, and then on to higher education not even a dream to most "black" people! And he lands in Illinois as a carpetbagger... Well, delete that- I forgot about you and New York.
I sure hope you and Bill (and the "team") will have this guy handled way before the primaries. We want to see YOU roll to victory!
Can't wait....

Anonymous said...

OT, but Ma'am, if you insist on singing, could you ensure your handlers have turned off your mike to the broadcast feed? Or take some voice coaching? We haven't heard Mr. Obama sing but with his tribal genes he could probably blow you away.


Natalie & Patricia said...

All witty, however asinine, and glib commentary aside. Even the author of this hil-arious blog must gather that not annonymity, nor pokes at the Clinton campaign, negate racist blog banter.

Unfortunately, your contrived conservative dem-speak, and poor attempts at wit, fail to mask your obvious distaste (and ignorance, c'mon only dummies and toothless tobacco spitters base themselves to commentary such as yours) for those you consider black.

--Oh and oddly this well-written rant comes from a black woman...but you probably picked up on the 'tude earlier.

Hillary said...

It's called "satire," honey. You can look it up. Or do they not have that word in the special dictionary that angry black women use?