Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mitt Romney wears funny underpants

I'm not making this up. All Mormons wear this special thing called "the Garment." Which is basically a pair of underpants and an undershirt that a 19th-century pioneer might wear. Andrew Sullivan did a whole thing on it last year. And he ran the photo (above) in his blog to give people an idea of what Mormons look like under their clothes. Well, I'm not saying this makes Mitt unfit to be president. (I think having a name like "Mitt" does that by itself. I mean WTFIUWT?) But I would like to urge all voters, when you see Mitt speaking, to remember what he's got on underneath those crisp, well-tailored suits.


Anonymous said...

People who are against Romney because of his religion suffer from the 3 “ances”:

IgnorANCE, ArrogANCE and IntolerANCE!

Prejudices and bigotry aside, Romney is the most qualified candidate - in either party - to be President!

SERIOUSLY, if I were to do a “line-up” of all the serious presidential candidates (Obama, Edwards, Hillary (or Billary? - j/k) McCain, Giuliani and Romney) here’s my - near best - objective analysis:

Choice: Romney
Believe it or not, in today’s world of tv/media obsession, “being kind to the camera” is a huge plus! And with the indisputable impact and role of the media in the election outcomes, I’d give the edge to Romney. By the way, if you think looks, are not important, then why all the fuss about the phrase: “looks presidential/looks like a president”?

2. INTELLIGENCE based on educational and academic achievements:
Choice: Romney - I’d dare anyone to challenge this one! (For those who do not know about Romney’s educational background, please check it out, it’s all over the ‘Net.)

Choice: Romney. He has more experience, than any other candidate, both in the private and public sectors, which I must add, is an absolute must for a leader, especially of the US being the leader in democracy and capitalism. He was a CEO of a successful venture capital firm and was governor*. He was also asked to help rescue the 2002 Winter Olympics which was a SUCCESS! ($100 million profit). The national debt/deficit needs to be controlled if not eliminated and Romney has the experience to do that.

Choice: Definitely Romney
Need I say more? Integrity, clean, great family, doesn’t smoke or drink, etc., etc.,

Choice: Romney (sorry Obama, Romney has addressed many more varieties of audiences through his private and public experience ). This is an indispensable skill for a president. By the way, I can’t wait for the debates to begin.

Choice: Romney
Need I list them? - ok, Health care, successful business ventures, balanced budgets, Winter Olympics, etc., etc., Through his accomplishments, he has acquired the necessary experience to be effective as president.

Choice: I’ll give the edge to the Senators
But note also, that Romney through his global business experience and deals, as well as being a smart person himself, Romney can easily outdo the senators in certain areas. He is a great communicator and will be an asset in international negotiations. He also has excellent knowledge and understanding of the world (nations and countries).

Edge: Romney
He headed the 2002 Winter Olympics and was in charge of security, especially a few months after 9-11. Romney was also a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

No other candidate had the experience of overseeing a huge security force and undertaking as Romney during the Olympics.

Now, all politics and subjectivity aside, based on the above basic and most essential requirements for leadership, and presidential qualifications, who clearly has the advantage to become an effective president?

MITT ROMNEY! (After all the title: “MR President” already has his initials!)

Again, off all the candidates, Romney has the knowledge, skills, experience and character to become the next president.

*Having been the governor of a liberal/democratic state, Romney will, therefore, be the best and effective president if by 2008 (and beyond), the Democrats still have the majority in both houses. Romney will be effective in such a “hostile” and divided environment - a Democrat dominated one! He would say: “been there, done that” (as it was in Massachusetts). Hence, no other candidate has had such an EXECUTIVE experience as Romney.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous.......... RELAX dude--its just a little satire.... don't be so uptight

Anonymous said...

Satire? Why don't you make fun of Hillary Clinton's 'funny cross', or Joe Lieberman's 'funny jewish hat'.

It's in bad taste, and not really funny. Who cares if somebody wears a cross around their neck? What if they wore the cross under their clothes? So Mormons have a different religious symbol - their 'sacred' undergarments. So what?

Anastacia Beaverhausen said...

Hey Mitt's campaign intern (aka "Anonymous").

Thanks for monitoring the blogosphere. Your incredibly inept comments are welcome here... let me offer a few rebuttals.

1. Looks/appearance: I'd say Obama is by far the most charismatic, camera-friendly candidate, not ol' Mitty.

2. Intelligence: Really? Obama is a Columbia and Harvard Law grad. (The first African-American editor of the Law Review, no less). Hilary graduated from Wellesley and then Yale Law School. Guiliani graduated from NYU Law. Mitt ain't a slouch in this department but let's not get too mouthy.

3. Applicable experience: I can't even go to each candidate here... so let's just list a few things other candidates have done. Vietnam veteran and CAPTIVE for 5 1/2 YEARS; mayor of the most populous city for 8 years (oh, and 12th biggest budget in the world) during the most terrifying period of our country's history; Cabinet Secretary, Governor, oh, and US Ambassador to the UN. Again, let's not kid ourselves here. He hardly did anything in Massachusetts other than change his position on nearly every social issue to be "conservative enough" for the right-wing nut jobs.

4. Character: This one literally makes me laugh. You've GOT to be joking me. Seriously. Good joke.

5. Most articulate: Compared to the current President, Mitt is articulate, yes. A monkey on crack who just suffered a massive stroke is articulate when compared to W. There are scores of educated, articulate folks in the race. Yet another sham answer.

6. Accomplishments: See #3 above.

7. International experience: Um, he was a governor of a SMALL Northeastern state for like 6 minutes. He's qualified because he "knows other countries?" Again, when compared to Dubya, he might know where Canada is located. Great. So do I. That doesn't make him Presidential, it makes him a marginal high school graduate. He's up against a former US Ambassador to the United Nations (the only person to successfully negotiate with North Korea), Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee... I mean really. Get real.

8. Homeland Security experience: Yes, he was on the relatively toothless HSAC. Need I remind you from where 2 of the planes departed on 9-11? Republicans can play the whole "We are tough on security" card but the Dems can stack up to him in this regard. Republicans don't have a hold on security any longer after creating such a MESS in Iraq (oh, and Afghanistan... remember that country? Yeah).

If you want to "ignorANT, arrogANT, and intolerANT" like Mitt, that's fine. You're entitled. Just don't expect any of us to swallow it and vote in another mess of a President when there are so many better choices.

Anonymous said...

Mitt is a bigger douche bag than even the Hilldebeast.

Anonymous said...

But..., he is a morman and as such has no chance.

love you blog hillary

Anonymous said...

Listing "appearance" as #1 just about sums up the sad, sorry, state of the mess that is the rush for power.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who feel "People... are against Romney"

You have too much time on your hands-and in fact, until you, I never thought about Hillary or Lieberman crosses or hats.....obviously you have...people who read this blog I am sure have ZERO interest in your political rants..... so STEP OFF and get with it-because like you said, its all comes down to SO WHAT!

And OH, if you have not noticed, this blog is ALL ABOUT Billary-NOT Mitt-AND ITS NOT EVEN REAL, DUH!