Sunday, February 4, 2007

Would you please shut the fuck up and listen to me?

These fucking hecklers are driving me nuts. Like I
told these leftie wingnuts,
look, I'm not the one who started this fucking war. Yes, I voted for it. But I didn't start it. And now I'm against it. And if the Monkey can't get us out of there before I'm elected, well, it'll be the first thing I do. Right after I give gays the right to marry and serve in the military, and institute free health care for everyone, just like last time, back in 1992. Remember? We pledged to get those gays serving in the military and goddammit we kept our promise and totally made it a top priority.


Eggy said...

Hillary, you have my vote. Save us from all these right wing bastards. You are the voice of reason in a lost and confused world.

Anonymous said...

Hillary, get a pair of boots like Condoleezza Rice wore in Germany and I guarantee that the Christian right males will all vote for you. They are all closet pervs looking for a woman to whip them. Even the idea that you might wear them again will sustain them.