Monday, February 19, 2007

Crackers, take down your cracker flag

Goddamn you racist South Carolina white people with your fucking racist flag. Yeah, yeah, fair enough. Don't vote for me. You know what? I don't want your racist votes. That's right. You heard me. Go vote for Republicans. Phew! Sooner I get out of this goddamn hillbilly state the better. And I'm gonna throw out these shoes. There. I said it.


Paula said...

You go girl! To paraphrase Ellen, nothing pisses off terrorists or good 'ol boys more than a lesbian in pants ... let's put you in the white house and watch the fireworks, aye?!

I hate you hillary.... said...

And, while you are at it, get rid of those Flood Pants! I don't care if they show off your petite duck feet!

Fake Bill said...

Fake Hill, you are slacking! This has been the biggest week so far in Obama v. Clinton, and your insights are MIA.

You're good--really good--but Fake Steve Jobs is a hell of a lot more prolific. He even did a pretty good Fake-Hillary-in-Hollywood post back in Summer '06, which is more than we can say for you in Feb. '07.

So, go ahead and get a sponsorship deal done with Gawker or Huffy, like the deal Fake Steve has with Wired. With one of those donors ponying up for your campaign diary, maybe you'll have more time to deliver like we all know you can!

Your loving husband,
Fake Bill

Anonymous said...

What did you say, bitch?